IngeoSDK location tracking is automatically managed, battery friendly and filters out noise for you. Integrate it with just few lines of code to empower your app with accurate and relevant location awareness. Reduce deveploment costs with our consistent programmatic interface which is super easy to use.

• Battery safe
• Motion state detection
• Automaticly managed
• Automatic Noise filter
• Offline location buffering
• Automatic user permissions prompt
• Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch running iOS 7.0+



Re-engage with your users using Location-based triggers to fire up Push Notifications and code invoking on the right time and place.

• Server-less Push notifications
• Automatic User permissions prompt
• Custom code invoking
• URL redirection
• Battery-safe

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Ingeo admin dashboard provides location based actionable insights.
Know your users better by their visited venues.
Users real-time map and detailed personal charts.

• Monitoring geolocation activities
• Users real-time map
• Multi app support
• Places most visited by your users
• Useful metrics and segmentation

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