IngeoSDK is a power-efficient location manager for iOS (Swift and Objective-C), which extends and improves CoreLocation.
It uses unique algorithms to dynamically and constantly adjust CoreLocation's tracking configuration parameters according to user's motion, behavior, speed and whereabouts. Thus enabling suited configuration scheme for optimized accuracy and minimum power consumption in real-time.
Your app and/or server will receive the most relevant location data while in foreground or background - even when network is disconnected. Off-course, or bad location samples are filtered out for you. Battery consumption is just ~2% per hour.

Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch running iOS 7.0+

Always-on Location

An always-on location awareness which simply works even when your app is in background or suspend mode.

Battery friendly

Ingeo SDK is powered by unique algorithms to dynamically adjust tracking configuration to reduce GPS power consumption. Battery usage is just 2% per hour.


Trigger Push Notification or custom code invoking when user arrives or leaves a place or region.
No server is required!

Motion-state Detection

Learn about your users activity with our motion-state detector. Stationary, walking, running, or driving - you always know what your users are doing. Get notified when a user's motion-state has changed. It is perfect for sport and navigation apps.

Device Sensors

In order to provide the most accurate information in the most battery friendly way, Ingeo is using the available motion sensors available on your user's device. GPS, Accelerometer, Three-axis gyro and M7/M8 motion coprocessor chip.

Offline Location Monitoring

IngeoSDK monitors user location even when Internet is unavailable.

Optional backend support

Ingeo backend servers provide you with a full fledged dashabord and analytics system to enhance user engagment, help you with target marketing and better know your users. IngeoSDK integration with backend servers is only optional. We encourage you to enable it, but it is up to you.


Ingeo team has put a lot of effort in testing and qualifying the SDK to produce highly accurate location data which is also battery friendly, so you don't worry about it and just focus on building your app.